5,500-year-old tomb in Meath the ‘find of a lifetime’

Published: 31 Aug 2018

One of the richest tapestries of archaeology in Ireland, the Boyne Valley is the gift that just kept giving this summer, with three separate discoveries to send experts worldwide into an excited tizzy.

Thousands will flock to see a significant Neolithic passage tomb cemetery, unearthed during works at Dowth Hall in Co Meath and revealed to the world in July.

A kerbstone at the site is heavily decorated with Neolithic carvings and represents one of the most impressive discoveries of megalithic art in Ireland in decades.

Meanwhile, we have the sun to thank for revealing crop marks which showed an apparent henge that dates back to 2,900 BC.

And as all this was going on, the first archaeology dig at Newgrange in 30 years uncovered an ancient processional way to the site.

The discovery at Dowth is still attracting international attention with requests from camera crews and media for interviews arriving daily.

The archaeological gem was found during an excavation undertaken by Devenish in partnership with University College Dublin (UCD) School of Archaeology, as part of the restoration and redevelopment of Dowth Hall.

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