Armchair Archaeology: KnowYour5k

Published: 29 May 2020

The Boyne Valley needs YOU!

Welcome to the seventh edition of Armchair Archaeology! In this series we look at the famous and the less well-known sites in the Boyne Valley. Since the current restrictions mean we cannot go out and explore in person, let Boyne Valley Tourism take you on a virtual tour of some of our favourite sites.

Today we are going to flip it around however and make you all Armchair Archaeologists! Take some time to explore your 5km region on this bank holiday weekend.


‘KnowYour5k ’ is a new initiative from the Heritage Council and National Museum of Ireland which provides an opportunity to share discoveries about our hidden heritage. The project helps the public to use a wealth of online resources to find out more about the story of their locality. Contribute your own submissions here, or discover the heritage that surrounds us all by exploring what others have shared.


At its heart, KnowYour5k is a heritage project, and heritage is a very broad term. It encompasses archaeological, architectural and built heritage like ancient monuments, old graveyards or historic buildings. It can be old documents, photographs or letters of historic value. It can encompass natural heritage like flora and fauna, rivers, lakes or mountains. It can also include local names for fields, music and songs, poems and storytelling, crafts and traditions, sports and leisure. 

  • At all times please consider official guidelines and safety measures; More info here
  • We have a how-to section here, that is designed to help you discover the story of your locality
  • Explore existing heritage maps online for free here.

All contributions will be moderated before being added to the database, so please do bear with us. We hope the KnowYour5k project helps you to discover the stories that surrounds us all!

We hope you can contribute to this exciting project, telling the world about the fantastic sites all across the Boyne Valley.

In the meantime stay safe and for more information keep up to date with the Boyne Valley newsletter.

(Photos: Noel Meehan of Copter View)