Unique to the Boyne Valley

Spring Tour of the Boyne Valley

An important and popular part of membership of the Discover Boyne Valley network is the familiarisation or 'fam' trip, where a number of sights and attractions within the Boyne Valley are visited. This is a chance of members to meet each other and visit parts of the Boyne Valley that they might not have experienced before, or hadn't visited for a number of years.

Hill of Tara feature's in '12 Historic Sites in Ireland to Visit in 2018'

Steeped in both history and myth, the Hill of Tara is seen the world over as the ancient capital of Ireland and seat of its High Kings. The tales tells of magical kings, queens, sorcerers and demons, whilst the archaeology of the hill suggests it was in use for millennia as a site of burial and of the rituals of kingship and feasting.

Irelands Ancient East featured in Irish Examiners "2017 was greatest ever year for tourism; Record 10.6m people visited the country"

"A record 10.6m tourists visited Ireland this year, with 2017 hailed as the greatest ever year for the sector." - http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/2017-was-greatest-ever-year-for-tourism-record-106m-people-visited-the-country-464393.html


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