Registrations now open for our 3rd Boyne Adventure Race, brought to you by Trim Tourism Network!


Our 2019 Boyne Adventure Race now features our ultra challenge, so if you want to become a ‘Warrior’ of the Boyne select this 50k level event. 

Want to ‘Battle’ at our 35k 2019 Boyne Adventure Race, select this entry. 


Our enhanced 2019 Boyne Adventure Race is one not to miss and promises to be a challenge to all you adventurers. 

An international 4 day celebration of shooting from 3rd-6th July 2019

  • 200 Target Main Event
  • 100 Prelim
  • 100 Sportrap

All set by Richard Faulds

Kells Road Races have been running since 1994 on the popular Crossakiel circuit which is also famous for its high speed jumps. Crossakiel is a small village just minutes outside Kells which is one of the most historic and picturesque towns in the Boyne Valley. 

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