Christmas Fun at Navan Adventure Centre

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05/12/2020 to 23/12/2020

Come join us for our first ever Christmas Event at Navan Adventure Centre! This action packed event will create very special, fun & much needed 2020 family memories! This is a socially distant event All Activities are outdoors but under roof cover, so no getting wet if it rains Event Dates: 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th & 23rd of December What's it all about: We have designed this event to get families working together, helping each other while having lots of fun! We have created 4 activity stations you will work your way through before meeting the main man him self!

Activity 1:
Customize your own Christmas Stocking (Stocking supplied). Choose a Christmas images from our wide selection. Place the image on the Christmas stocking in the location of your choice and one of our elves’ will print that image onto your stocking.
Activity 2:
Make a Christmas decoration (all materials supplied). Choose what type of decoration you would like to make (choice of 3). One of our elves will be on hand to show you some examples on what you can create and how best to do it.
Activity 3:
Check out our life-size Christmas themed snakes & ladders game! Become the players on the board as you roll the giant dice and try beat your family at this classic game with a big difference!
Activity 4:
We couldn't put on a Christmas event without letting the kids make their most favourite thing in the world. . . . SLIME! Fun glittery Christmas slime of course! Choose red or green slime and our elves will tell you exactly want to do to make the perfect glitter slime to take home!
Activity 5: 
Meet the main man him self "Santa" in our grotto, show him all you created and tell him what you would like for Christmas, but be careful! Santa may know a lot more about you than you think! So be extra good over the next few weeks! Gift from Santa for every child.
Warning! Watch out for the cheeky Grinch who might pop in from time to time to create havoc!
Navan Adventure Centre have received information that the Grinch has heard about our fantastic event and wants to try ruining it for everyone. We of course will not let this happen but keep your eyes pealed and alert one of our elves if you happen to see him! 
Running time: Expect to be at the event for 1 hour, you are welcome to grab a hot chocolate or treat from our Christmas treat shop and stay a little longer

Tickets & Pricing:
We need to create family pods of between 4 and 6 people for the event to run safely and efficiently with reduced numbers as a result of Covid 19. For this reason we have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 in a family pod booking. If you have 7, 8 or more people you are welcome to buy more tickets in a different transaction but please note you will not be all together for the activities or the grotto but you will not be far away.
Family Ticket:
You must have a family of 4 ticket to enter the event!
This ticket can be used for 2 adults 2 children, 1 adult 3 kids or 3 adults and one child. The cost of this family ticket is €60 + booking fee
(No charge for children under 1's, they don't need a ticket, they are welcome to come but can not take part in activities or crafts as they are to young)
Extra Tickets:
Once you have the family of 4 ticket in your basket you are welcome to buy an extra 2 children, 2 adult tickets or 1 adult and 1 child ticket. Don't go over 6 people in total as this may be a Covid 19 restriction in December
Extra Adult Ticket (Please note, you must purchase a family ticket to avail of these extra tickets):
€12.50 + booking fee once you are purchasing a family of 4 ticket also
Extra Child Ticket:
€17.50 + booking fee once you are purchasing a family of 4 ticket also
Photo Add on:
You can avail of a family photo take by us and emailed to you for an extra €5 per family. If you would like us to take a photo and email it to you please pre-buy this from the add-ons section when purchasing your ticket.
You are welcome to take your own photo with your own camera for free but please note we will not be able to take this photo for you as our staff will not be able to handle your device for Covid 19 safety
More information just follow click here. 

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Co Meath
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