March 2020 at the Solstice Arts Centre Navan

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01/03/2020 to 31/03/2020

IFI Education: Senior Spanish - Everybody Knows

From: 02 Mar 2020
To: 02 Mar 2020
Supporting film in school curricula and promoting film literacy for children and young people - Laura returns from Argentina with her two children for a family wedding in her Spanish hometown. However, the celebrations are suddenly disrupted by a shocking crime that unearths a web of long-buried secrets and lies.

Jason Byrne - Wrecked but Ready

From: 05 Mar 2020
To: 05 Mar 2020
Jason Byrne has had a hard year. But he doesn’t want to talk about that. He’s wrecked but ready. Ready for a laugh. This show is a celebration. A celebration of triumph over adversity. A celebration of the fact that everybody’d got their own crap going on and they don’t need to listen to someone else moaning about their problems. So, leave your worries at the door and find out why ‘The Times’ described Jason as ‘The Outright King of Live Comedy’.

Prints of Stardust

From: 05 Mar 2020
To: 05 Mar 2020
This practical print workshop stimulates critical thinking and creativity by encouraging students to explore some of the themes evident in George Bolster's work, including our origins as a species and the possibilities of life outside our solar system.

Baz Ashmawy – Family Matters

From: 06 Mar 2020
To: 06 Mar 2020
Baz Ashmawy (50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy, Wingman) has a brand new show called Family Matters. Baz takes a comic look back at his childhood as an Irish Egyptian living in a rough Dublin suburb, raised by his single mother Nancy, and his desire to find a way out and create a life of his own. Now as father to six kids, Baz has a unique perspective on their upbringing versus his own. A natural comic storyteller, Baz has been making people laugh since long before he was on TV. Special guests to be announced.

Planetary Pioneers

From: 11 Mar 2020
To: 11 Mar 2020
Kepler 16b, the double-sunned planet that Bolster has imagined in his exhibition We Are Made of Stardust is one of the Earth like planets where life could be sustained. What if in the future you could travel to Kepler 16b? In this workshop students become the next generation of innovators and explorers, working together to design and build a shelter and communication devices to contact home from this mysterious planet!

1917 (2020)

From: 11 Mar 2020
To: 11 Mar 2020
At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers are given a seemingly impossible mission. In a race against time, they must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers — Blake’s own brother among them. Sam Mendes, the Oscar-winning director of Skyfall, Spectre and American Beauty, brings his singular vision to World War I.

Mary Black

From: 13 Mar 2020
To: 13 Mar 2020
Mary Black, one of Ireland’s favourite artists, is regarded as one of the most important Irish vocalists of her generation, with multi-platinum selling albums and a string of achievement awards to her name.

Traidisiún sa Ghrianstad – Tradition in Solstice

From: 14 Mar 2020
To: 14 Mar 2020
Join us in celebrating the traditional Irish music of our area with renowned brothers Mícheál & MacDara Ó Raghallaigh of Rathmolyon (concertina, fiddle), sisters Bernadette & Caitlín Nic Gabhann of Ashbourne (fiddle, concertina), Fergus McGorman of Ratoath (flute). We welcome accordion player & TG4 Composer of the Year 2020 Josephine Marsh to Meath, the home of her Mother. With songs from Nollaig Ní Laoire of Dunderry, this is a rare home performance by these reputable artists & friends of Meath.

IFI Education: Junior French - Stars by the Pound

From: 18 Mar 2020
To: 18 Mar 2020
Supporting film in school curricula and promoting film literacy for children and young people - When bright and talented Lois is told by her science teacher that her excess weight means she will never become an astronaut, she faces a battle with her own body image that leads to her hospitalisation.

IFI Education: Senior French - A Colony

From: 19 Mar 2020
To: 19 Mar 2020
Supporting film in school curricula and promoting film literacy for children and young people - Mylia is a 12-year-old girl in Centredu- Québec, struggling to fit in at a new school. Finding solace in the outdoors with fellow outsider Jimmy, a boy of Abenaki descent, the two learn to navigate the precariousness of their environments, confronting concepts of citizenship and belonging.

IFI Education: Senior German - A Jar Full of Life

From: 20 Mar 2020
To: 20 Mar 2020
Supporting film in school curricula and promoting film literacy for children and young people - Our German language choice for Senior Cycle is a contemporary comedy/drama about Marleen, a young woman in her early 20s, struggling to find her way in the world.

Farmer Michael & Kathleen

From: 20 Mar 2020
To: 20 Mar 2020
The King & Queen of farming satire, after only 3 years on the comedy scene, Stevo & Sinéad have gathered a following of over 500,000 people worldwide, and over 100 million views on some of their single sketches. They've sold out shows all over Ireland and the UK, also collaborated with Official Rugby World Cup. As featured on: RTE, TV3's Six O Clock Show, CNN, FOX, SKY TV.


From: 20 Mar 2020
To: 20 Mar 2020
I AM BABA is a theatre adventure for babies created by internationally renowned theatre director Anna Newell and award-winning composer David Goodall whose shows for early years have been seen on five continents. I AM BABA is a magical adventure of song, lights and textures for babies aged 0-12 months. It’s a show about identity, agency and personhood. For babies.

True Reflections of Love and Hope - Virginia Gospel Choir

From: 21 Mar 2020
To: 21 Mar 2020
Formed fifteen years ago and currently under the directorship of Carmel Reilly, Virginia Gospel Choir’s members hail from a wide catchment area across Cavan and Meath. The choir previously supported Harlem Gospel Choir (2018) and The Three Tenors (2011) in Solstice and in 2011 they represented Ulster in RTE’s All Ireland Talent Show and performed at The National Concert Hall.

Biggest Little Farm (2018)

From: 25 Mar 2020
To: 25 Mar 2020
The Biggest Little Farm chronicles the eight-year quest of John and Molly Chester as they trade city living for 200 acres of barren farmland and a dream to harvest in harmony with nature. Through dogged perseverance and embracing the opportunity provided by nature's conflicts, the Chester’s unlock and uncover a biodiverse design for living that exists far beyond their farm, its seasons, and our wildest imagination.

A Day in the Death of Francis Ledwidge

From: 26 Mar 2020
To: 26 Mar 2020
Francis Ledwidge, soldier and poet, bridges a century and more, to speak to us in his own words of his two great loves; the local landscape of Slane and Ellie Vaughey. Blown to pieces in1917, his unique voice remains suspended forever in time, in its first flowering. He was only 29 and destined, in the opinion of Lord Dunsany, to be the poet of the age.

Neil Delamere: End of Watch

From: 27 Mar 2020
To: 27 Mar 2020
Fresh from a sell-out tour, star of BBC’s the Blame Game, Fighting Talk and the Newsquiz Neil Delamere returns to Solstice with a brand new show. Time waits for no man, especially one trying to buy a watch. Things always get complicated.

The Star of Chester’s Lane

From: 28 Mar 2020
To: 28 Mar 2020
1854: Mr McGrath has fallen to his death working on the building of the Boyne Viaduct leaving his wife, Catherine, alone to fend for herself. What’s a poor woman to do…? Put on his clothes, of course, and take up his place in the world!Quintessence Theatre use their dazzling physical ensemble theatre techniques to reimagine bustling 19th century Ireland and the remarkable true story of one of the country’s forgotten street characters, Kate the Navvy: the Molly Malone of Louth.

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