Meath Beo 6: traditional Irish music series (Agher, Summerhill)

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A series of traditional Irish music performances, set in beautiful historic properties right across County Meath.

Seána Davey


Professional harpist Seána Davey grew up in Dunderry & now performs full time in London. A 6 time All-Ireland winner in her earlier years, Seána comes from a very musical Co .Meath family. She has toured extensively with Celtic Thunder through 85 cities worlwide, performs regularly with The Dhol Foundation & The Afrocelt Sound system, and has also performed at The Ritz, The Svaoy & Kensington Palace. Seána also has two solo & a recent duo recording.

Macdara ORaghallaigh

MacDara is the youngest of the musical Ó Raghallaigh family from Rathmolyon, Co.Meath and he was reared on music. Their home on the family farm was one filled with traditional music and song, and Irish was the everyday spoken tongue. MacDara Ó Raghallaigh’s fiddle playing is often described as ‘brilliant’, ‘amazing’, ‘top-class’. These accolades indeed fit well as MacDara has earned a reputation as one of Ireland’s outstanding fiddle players. His playing style is highly individual, personal and deeply rooted in the pure tradition. What strikes you is the personality and flair in the music and the driving rhythm and pulse that is delivered by a powerful fluid bowhand.

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Agher Church
Agher, Summerhill