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Navan is launching it's own currency!

Date: 30/04/2015

Mayor of Navan, Cllr Sinead Burke is launching a Navan gold coin.

They will be called the "Cup of Human Kindness Coins" . On side they will have the Navan Crest and the writing "Mayor's Happiness Project 2015".
On the other side they say "Cup of Human Kindness" and have the writing "Cup of Human Kindness".
Coffee shops in Navan have signed up to the project. They will have the coins for sale for 2 euro.
The coins can then be exchanged for coffee's in any participating coffee shop. All participating shops will have a poster and a sticker in their window.

The idea is passing on kindness throughout the town. There is also huge potential for these Navan Coins being sent abroad to family and friends or being brought home by tourists.