Vitamin Sea in the Boyne Valley this winter

Vitamin Sea in the Boyne Valley this winter

Date: 15/12/2021

We all love time at the beach during the summer months. Dips in the sea to cool down and lazy afternoons lying on the sand. But how about a visit to the beach during the winter months? Get the wind in your hair, colour in your cheeks and the sound of the waves for company. There is nowhere better in Ireland for an invigorating winter stroll at the beach than the Boyne Valley. 

Laytown Beach
County Louth and County Meath have some stunning beaches that stretch for miles along the coast. They can be enjoyed by everyone this winter- just don’t forget to dress for the weather! 
In County Louth, grab a coffee at the Glyde Inn in Annagassan and take the short trip to Port Beach. The Beach here stretches for over a mile. Perfect to get the heart beating. Enjoy the stunning views of the Mourne Mountains to one side and the rolling countryside to the other.

Clogherhead beach
Just a few miles south is the fishing village of Clogherhead. This sheltered stretch of beach is perfect for a winter walk. Keep going along the cliff walk until you reach Port Oriel, and you can pick up a bowl of hot chowder to reward yourself. (Not advised in windy conditions).
Further south you can make your way to Termonfeckin beach where this long strand turns into Seapoint beach and Baltray. The beach at Seapoint/Baltray is a stunning place to take a walk. You might even see the rusting shipwreck of the MV Irish Trader at low tide. 

The beach at Baltray meets the Boyne Estuary as it flows from Drogheda. Head back into the town to cross the river Boyne and enter into County Meath.

Morington beach and Maidens Tower

Mornington Beach is banked by scenic sand dunes that hide a trail if you didn’t want to walk on the beach. From here you can see the Maidens Tower and Lady’s Finger Monument. This stretch of beach brings you all the way down to Bettystowns and onto Laytown. These beaches are incredibly popular in the summer months but don’t be surprised to have the beach to yourself on a winter’s day.

The last stretch of beach in County Meath is Gormanston beach. Another lengthy stretch of sand past the Nanny River. The stretch of beach between Mornington and Gormanston has been referred to the Meath Goldcoast. When you visit you will see why.

Voyager Visions

When planning your winter escape for 2021/2022 then why not visit the Boyne Valley and marvel at our stunning beaches. There are plenty of places to stay nearby like City North Hotel, Scholars Townhouse Hotel, The Cottages at Bettystown, and the Glenside Hotel
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