Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival 2023 | Discover Boyne Valley Meath, Ireland

Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival 2023

According to legend, Samhain, the ancient Celtic Festival that we now call Halloween, originated here in Co. Meath in the Boyne Valley. Samhain was said to mark the harvest and a time of transition, with feasting and celebration as the long winter nights approached. To this day the Boyne Valley has remained the home of Halloween, the modern equivalent of Samhain. Whether is ‘Fun by Day’ or ‘Fright by Night’, spine-tingling fun awaits for young and old alike in the Spirits of Meath festival.

See the Spirits of Meath website for more event details, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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Fri, Oct 6 - Mon, Nov 6 2023, All day