Donaghmore Round Tower & Cemetery

Donaghmore Round Tower & Cemetery

The cemetery at Donaghmore contains the ruins of a church and a fine example of an Irish Round Tower

Saint Patrick is said to have first founded a monastery here, giving charge of it to one of his followers, St. Cassanus. The existing ruins, however, do not date back that far. The architectural style of the church indicates it was built in the 15th Century. Most likely, it replaced an older church built in the Romanesque style; a carved Romanesque head is incorporated in the south wall of the bell tower. The round tower predates the church and was built in the 9th or 10th century. It is well-preserved though missing its conical cap. Unusual features include the stone carvings of heads and a crucifixion above and around the doorway. It displays wonderful rough limestone masonry and may have been built by the same builder as the tower at Glendalough, Co. Wicklow.

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Donaghmore Round Tower & Cemetery

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