Hill of Slane

Hill of Slane

A well-preserved tower is to be found among the ruins of a Franciscan Monastery, dating from 1512, itself built on site of a monastery founded by St. Erc, a follower of St. Patrick.

The ruins of a college, built to house four priest, four lay brothers and four choristers, also remain. These were built by the Flemings (Barons of Slane from the 11th – 17th Centuries) for Franciscans; the family coat of arms can be seen on the west wall of the college quadrangle. Thirty years after its foundation, the monastery was dissolved by King Henry VIII, its land and wealth appropriated. In 1631, the Flemings restored the monastery. It became Home to Capuchins monks, who in turn, were driven out in 1651 by Oliver Cromwell.

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Hill of Slane
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Slane, County Meath