Slane Historic Trail

Slane Historic Trail

One of Ireland’s most well-known towns, Slane has been shaped by centuries of continuity, personal commitment and constant reinvention. Legend says that over 1500 years ago, St Patrick lit a fire that signalled a transformation in Ireland’s identity.

For over three hundred years, one family – the Conynghams – have added new chapters to the town’s fascinating story as each generation made its mark. And for the past three decades, tens of thousands gather regularly at Slane Castle to enjoy the world’s most famous bands and musicians. During all this, the town has retained its unique charm, beauty and timelessness.

In a place whose story stretches back so far, there’s no need to rush. Instead, take your time and immerse yourself in the tales of saints, kings and stars that make this special place so fascinating.

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Slane Historic Trail
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