The Tomb of the Jealous Man & Woman

The Tomb of the Jealous Man & Woman

In the cemetery of St. Peter and Paul`s Cathedral you will discover an impressive altar tomb dating from around 1592. The tomb known locally as “the Jealous man and Woman” is the resting place of Sir Lucas Dillon and his wife Lady Jane Bathe.

Sir Dillon was a leading Irish Barrister and judge during the Elizabethan era. He held the offices of Attorney General for Ireland and Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer. He was held in high regard by the Crown and Queen Elizabeth was said of think highly of him. However there were many accusations of corruption and claims that he handled some of his work carelessly.

Why the tomb became known as ‘the jealous man and woman” remains a mystery. However, Dillon`s second wife Marion Sherle is buried in an identical tomb with her first husband Christopher Barnwell at Lusk, Co. Dublin. Locals believe that perhaps one of the tombs was built as a jealous response to the other tomb. Who was jealous of who remains uncertain. The most intriguing folklore surrounding the tomb remains its unusual curative power for warts.

The Tomb of the Jealous Man & Woman

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