Kildemock's Jumping Church

  • Region: Drogheda , Slane ,
  • Ardee

Kildemock Church, one of the Boyne Valley`s most puzzling mysteries can be found just outside Ardee in Co. Louth. The picturesque ruins are set against the backdrop of Carlingford and the Mourne Mountains. The history of the church dates back to the 12th century but it wasn`t until 1715 that this sacred place became shrouded in mystery.

Local legend has it that an excommunicated man was buried within the ruins of the church walls. The next day the highest standing wall of the ruined church had jumped inward by 3 feet or so to exclude the man`s body. Other accounts claim that a severe storm picked the wall clean from its foundation and laid it to rest inside the church. There are even some who point to the work of local pranksters. Whatever you choose to believe the wall standing 19 feet high, 15 feet wide and 3 feet thick resting 3 feet from its foundation offers visitors a mysterious sight.

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