Millmount; the resting place of Ireland`s first great poet Amergin

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The Martello tower atop Millmount takes pride of place overlooking Drogheda, one of Ireland's most picturesque medieval towns. Millmount's history dates back much further however. Local folklore says that Amergin, the great poet and son Míl is buried at Millmount. He is said to be the first Milesian to set foot in Ireland, on the banks of the Boyne, upon which he recited his famous poem. Amergin then divided Ireland into two kingdoms for his brother's éremón and Eber, using Millmount to mark the border between north and south.

From Bronze Age tomb to Norman motte, Millmount has had many incarnations throughout history. It is believed that there may have been a motte set up by Hugh de Lacy when granted the Lordship of Meath in 1172.The Boyne divided the de Lacy Lordship of Meath and the de Vedron lands in County Louth to the North. This border still exists today between the counties but at the time it would have meant there were two separate sets of town walls, one either side of the Boyne. The well preserved tower that graces Millmount today was built in the early nineteenth century to help protect the country from a potential invasion by Napoleon.

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