Unique to the Boyne Valley

The Boyne Valley among 'Top 10 most epic ancient sites in Ireland'

The Boyne Valley features not once but twice in Ireland Before You Die's recent  'Top 10 most epic ancient sites in Ireland' list.

"Today, what remains of ancient Ireland is a colourful tapestry of our ancestors, splayed across pastoral settings and coastal cliffs in villages and towns.

Visitors, both local and international, travel far and wide to revel at the grandeur of time far past.

Buildings and sacred sites, early Christian monasteries and burial tombs – these are the most epic ancient sites in Ireland."


Ireland Before You Die

Christmas Shopping in the Boyne Valley- Appreciate our local producers and crafts people

At this stage most of us are aware of the massive efforts to encourage Irish people to shop local this Christmas.

Here in the Boyne Valley we are all about supporting local businesses and we would like to ask that people would consider buying from retailers and producers in the region when purchasing Christmas gifts and supplies this year.

Appreciate our local producers and crafts people

Armchair Archaeology: The Last Duel

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of Armchair Archaeology, a special Hollywood edition! During the summer this series looked at the famous and the less well-known sites in the Boyne Valley. As we once again are advised to explore our local counties, let Boyne Valley Tourism take you on a virtual tour of some of our favourite sites in Meath and Louth.

The Last Duel