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Accessible Tourism in the Boyne Valley

Here in the Boyne Valley we want everyone to enjoy our beautiful landscape, learn all about our heritage and discover all the great activities and attractions on offer. Many of our activity providers and sites are suitable for people of all ages and all abilities. We understand it takes time to research all the places you can go with walking aids, buggies and wheelchairs so we have compiled a list for you. Take a look at the list of attractions here that are fully accessible in the Boyne Valley below.

Festivals in the Boyne Valley this summer

Get the bags packed, leave your worries behind, and make for the Boyne Valley this summer! There are so many great events and festivals planned for families, couples, and friends that you are sure to find something to suit. If you are looking for great festival spirit in Ireland then you will find it here! Here is a list of exciting festivals happening this summer in the Boyne Valley. 

The Boyne Valley Food series

Movie Mania in the Boyne Valley

Did you know that the Boyne Valley has been the location for many movies down through the years? The rich historic landscape, unspoiled beauty and friendly people lend itself to the perfect filming location. When visiting the region why not take in some of these famous sites and enjoy movie mania in the Boyne Valley!


This is where the adventure begins- Events in the Boyne Valley this Spring

We have just launched our “This is where the adventure begins” campaign here in the Boyne Valley and we have some great events for you to look forward to. Whether you are visiting as a family, as a couple or travelling on your own- there is something for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check out our new videos for inspiration on your next trip.

Solo travelling in the Boyne Valley this Spring

This is where the adventure begins, and, if you prefer to travel on your own, there is no better place to visit than the Boyne Valley this Spring. With plenty of tracks and trails waiting to be discovered, heritage sites to be explored and so many events that you will need to stay for the week! Here is a list of all events happening this spring in the Boyne Valley that are perfect for the solo traveller.

Theatre events at the Solstice Arts Centre

Myths and Legends of Samhain in the Boyne Valley

Every October 31st, all over the world, Halloween is celebrated in some shape or form. At Halloween, the Japanese celebrate a Buddhist tradition called O-bon. It’s a festival which honours the spirits of deceased family members and ancestors, with many people using this day to visit loved ones graves with gifts. In Germany, people put away their knives on Halloween night. The reason is to ensure that spirits don’t get harmed upon their return to Earth. Halloween is known as El Dia De Los Muertos amongst Spanish-speaking nations.