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Historic 130km Royal Canal Greenway officially launches

The Royal Canal Greenway, a scenic 130km walking and cycling amenity stretching alongside the historic 225-year-old canal, officially launches today ahead of the summer 2021 season. The €12 million project co-ordinated by Waterways Ireland is the country’s longest Greenway, traversing through Kildare, Meath, Westmeath and Longford. Those wishing to experience the Royal Canal Greenway are advised to adhere to Government guidelines on movement and social distancing. 

Boyne Valley Tourism and Waterways Ireland

The Boyne Valley among 'Top 10 most epic ancient sites in Ireland'

The Boyne Valley features not once but twice in Ireland Before You Die's recent  'Top 10 most epic ancient sites in Ireland' list.

"Today, what remains of ancient Ireland is a colourful tapestry of our ancestors, splayed across pastoral settings and coastal cliffs in villages and towns.

Visitors, both local and international, travel far and wide to revel at the grandeur of time far past.

Buildings and sacred sites, early Christian monasteries and burial tombs – these are the most epic ancient sites in Ireland."


Ireland Before You Die

Armchair Archaeology: Equinox Sunrise

Welcome to the twelfth edition of Armchair Archaeology! In this series we look at the famous and the less well-known sites in the Boyne Valley. As restrictions ease and we plan on where to explore once again, let Boyne Valley Tourism take you on a virtual tour of some of our favourite sites.

This afternoon we are visiting the magical hill of Loughcrew, Co Meath. Clare Tuffy of OPW is our guide on this journey….

Equinox Sunrise