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Rediscover your Boyne Valley

After almost 4 months of being restricted to our 5kms, we can now travel freely within our own county. For those of us living in the Boyne Valley, there are so many beautiful locations where we can enjoy a walk, a take-away coffee or just somewhere to bring the kids to see something new. Remember, we still need to observe social distancing and leave no trace where-ever we visit. Are you looking for some inspiration on where to rediscover in your Boyne Valley?- read on.

Historic 130km Royal Canal Greenway officially launches

The Royal Canal Greenway, a scenic 130km walking and cycling amenity stretching alongside the historic 225-year-old canal, officially launches today ahead of the summer 2021 season. The €12 million project co-ordinated by Waterways Ireland is the country’s longest Greenway, traversing through Kildare, Meath, Westmeath and Longford. Those wishing to experience the Royal Canal Greenway are advised to adhere to Government guidelines on movement and social distancing. 

Boyne Valley Tourism and Waterways Ireland

The Boyne Valley prepares for the launch of the Royal Canal Greenway

The Royal Canal has been around for a long time and it is a certainty that none of the people who toiled during its construction would ever have imagined that it would become a fantastic outdoor amenity for people to enjoy. Built over 200 years ago, it would have been inconceivable that this astounding feat of engineering would have a sole purpose of providing a source of recreation to people and today, more than ever, we are so appreciative of having this fantastic route for walking, cycling, boating, fishing and paddling.

Púca, the festival of the origins of Halloween

"The entire planet has taken over Halloween. Very often reduced to its consumerist version, it is present according to orange, black, pumpkin, disguise codes that delight all children, young and old, on the evening of October 31 when spirits invade the streets of our homes for one night. cities…  Halloween, the real thing is something else… Halloween is pagan Ireland, ancient Eastern Ireland whose ancestral lands are mothers, daughters and sisters of the founding legend." -

La Vie Est Belle