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October 2023 Events in the Boyne Valley

One of our favourite months of the year here in the Boyne Valley is October! The leaves are reaching gorgeous peak colour change, there are lots of festivals to celebrate Halloween and it is the perfect time to get out and about to explore our beautiful region before the cold of the winter sets in. Plan you trip to County Meath and South County Louth and enjoy all of the following events during your stay.

Spirits Of Meath Festival 2023

The Spirits of Meath Festival 2023
The time of year has come around again where we are getting ready to welcome visitors from all over Ireland to the The Spirits of Meath. This year, the festival will run from the 6th of October to the 6th of November. Expect lots of fun by day, plenty of scares by night and of course great special offers from our accommodation providers so you can enjoy all the festival has to offer.

Romantic Breaks in the Boyne Valley

The Boyne Valley in Meath and South County Louth is a beautiful and historic area, known for its ancient archaeological sites, charming villages and towns, and scenic landscapes. If you're looking to book a romantic break in Ireland this Autumn, there really is no better option. Many of our accommodation providers offer bespoke packages to make your trip extra special. Here are our top picks for your next romantic break in the Boyne Valley.

Ardboyne Hotel

Discover Boyne Valley, Reeling in the Years

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of Discover Boyne Valley. The Boyne Valley brand has been delivering a compelling offering in the leisure and business tourism markets across County Meath and more recently south County Louth. Anchored on our unique heritage and culture, our marketing strategy aims to provide an integrated and collaborative marketing approach to deliver outstanding quality experiences for our visitors, regenerating increased demand for tourism services and increased tourism revenue for the region.

September 2023 Events in the Boyne Valley

The long evenings are closing in here in the Boyne Valley but there is still lots to do in the Birthplace of Ireland’s Ancient East. September is an ideal month to visit the region with lots of food events, music events and so much more. Be sure to spend the night on your visit and take in all the heritage sites and visitor attractions too. Here is a list of our top events happening in the Boyne Valley this September.

A car free trip to the Boyne Valley

The Boyne Valley, situated across County Meath and South County Louth, is a region brimming with ancient history, mystical landscapes, and charming towns and villages. While many visitors opt for a traditional car-based journey, embarking on a car-free trip to the Boyne Valley offers a unique and sustainable way to experience this enchanting destination. By relying on public transportation, cycling, and walking, you can immerse yourself in the rich heritage and stunning scenery while minimizing your environmental impact.


Your Trim Bucket list this Summer/ Autumn

When planning a trip to the Boyne Valley, adding the heritage town of Trim to your plans is a must. This pretty destination is filled with great things to do from walking, tours, amazing places to eat and so much more. We recommend spending at least two nights here and more if you have the time. Here are all the great things we think you should add to your Trim Bucket list this Summer and Autumn.

August 2023 Events in the Boyne Valley

The summer months are flying by but there is still plenty of time to enjoy a day or evening out in the Boyne Valley. From music concerts to race days and everything in between. Why not make a night of it and check into one of our luxurious accommodation providers. Even better, book a restaurant at one of our delicious hospitality members and enjoy a drink in one of the lively bars in the region.

Your Navan Bucket List this Summer!

A trip to the Boyne Valley is filled with so much choice on where to go and what to do. To fit in all the attractions and must-see sites, you really need to plan a few trips. The County Town of Meath is Navan and this is the perfect base for a long weekend or mid-week break to the Boyne Valley. The town itself also boasts many attractions and activities, so you can park up the car and enjoy! Here is your Navan bucket list this summer!